• Completed

Category: Feature Film
Production year: 2009
Release date: 07/04/2010
DVD release date: 17/05/2019
VOD rental start date: 17/05/2019
Country: France
Genre(s): Documentary
Runtime: 1:53

Director(s): Coline Serreau
Scriptwriter(s): Coline Serreau
Original score: Garden Trio

Production company: Cinemao | Eniloc
French Distributor: Memento Films Distribution


«Alarmist and disaster films have been made, and they have served their purpose; now it is time to show that solutions do exist, to give a voice to farmers, philosophers and economists who are inventing and experimenting with new alternatives, all the while explaining why our society is mired in the current ecological, financial and political crises.» Coline Serreau