The Nannies (Les Femmes du Square)

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  • Completed

Production year: 2021
Genre(s): Comedy

Director(s): Julien RAMBALDI
Cast: Eye Haïdara (C’est La Vie), Ahmed Sylla (The Climb), Léa Drucker (Custody)

French Distributor: UGC Distribution
International sales: Orange Studio


Angèle, a young undocumented woman in her thirties lives off small tricks and scams in the outskirts of Paris. One day, threatened by gangsters she conned, she has to hide.Her plan: working as a nanny in a chic Parisian neighborhood for Hélène, a single mom of 10-yearold Arthur.

Angèle discovers the world of nannies: the involvement with the families and their working conditions. Though she was supposed to keep a low profile, she decides to help them and brings a young lawyer in her quest, who will soon fall in love with her.

What if Angèle’s mission was helping others?