• Completed

Category: Long Métrage
Production year: 2018
Release date: 03/07/2019
DVD release date: 03/12/2020
VOD rental start date: 03/12/2020
VOD sales start date: 03/12/2020
Country: France, Belgique, Canada
Genre(s): Drama

Director(s): Claire Devers
Cast: Grégory Gadebois, Monia Chokri, Pascale Arbillot

Production company: Mon Voisin Productions
French Distributor: Jour 2 fête
International sales: Orange Studio
Video edition: Jour 2 fête


George, a school teacher in Montreal, decides to take a lost teenager under his wing. Little did he konw that his decision will affect his couple, his life like a detonator and we will witness the implosion of his relationship in an environment where whispers and conversations prevail on their ability to face life.