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Category: Long Métrage
Production year: 2021
Country: France
Genre(s): Drama

Director(s): Bruno Chiche
Cast: Yvan Attal, Pierre Arditi, Miou-Miou

Production company: Vendôme Production
French Distributor: Apollo Films | Apollo Films
International sales: Orange Studio | Apollo Films
Video edition: Orange Studio | Apollo Films
TV/SVOD sales: Orange Studio | Apollo Films


The Dumars are music conductors from father to son: François is finishing a long and brilliant international career while Denis has just won yet another Classical Music Award. When François learns that he has been chosen to conduct at La Scala, his ultimate dream, his grail, he cannot believe his ears. At first thrilled for his father, Denis is quickly disillusioned when he discovers the truth: it is he, who has been chosen to go to Milan…