LOVE SONGS FOR TOUGH GUYS (Cette musique ne joue pour personne )

  • Completed

Release date: 29/09/2021
Country: France
Language: French
Genre(s): Comedy, Drama

Director(s): Samuel Benchetrit (Macadam Stories, I always wanted to be a gangster)
Cast: François Damiens (La Famille Bélier, Delicacy, HeartBreaker), Vanessa Paradis (Heart + Knife, HeartBreaker), Ramzy Bedia, Bouli Lanners, Joeystarr, Gustave Kervern, Vincent Macaigne, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Jules Benchetrit, Bruno Podalydès

Production company: Single Man Productions
French Distributor: UGC Distribution
International sales: Orange Studio


Love can strike anywhere, anytime. In a container in a northern port of France. At a supermarket cash register. Behind the sliding glass door of a suburban home. And on the stage of an amateur theater, in the heart of a sailor named Neptune, or on the dance floor of a small-town dancing room.