• Completed

Category: Feature Film
Production year: 2009
Release date: 16/06/2010
DVD release date: 17/05/2019
VOD rental start date: 17/05/2019
Country: France
Genre(s): Comedy

Director(s): Michaël Youn
Cast: Michaël Youn, Stéphane Rousseau, Isabelle Funaro, Vincent Desagnat, Fabrice Eboué, Jérôme Le Banner & Armelle
Scriptwriter(s): Michaël Youn, Dominique Gauriaud, Jurij Prette, avec la collaboration d’Isabelle Funaro

Production company: Légende Films
French Distributor: Universal Pictures International France
International sales: Kinology
Video edition: Universal vidéo


Fatal Bazooka is the “it” guy. He’s sold 15 million albums, won 4 Music Awards, has his own clothing line and his own amusement park is in the works: Fataland. He can’t seem to keep the fans away. That is, until his music producer stabs him in the back and signs on up-and-coming pop star, Chris, who replaces him as Number One in the charts. It’s a downward spiral for this former rap star as he loses his fans, his money, his bombshell wife… he is officially a has-been. After hitting bottom, he decides to emerge from his despair by doing a little soul-searching. The journey leads him back to his childhood home. The ghetto? Not exactly. This gangsta is the son of a shepherd and grew up in the Alps amidst sheep. Talk about an identity crisis! One thing’s for sure, Fatal’s no mountain boy, and he gets ready to make the come-back of the century in a showdown against Chris…