Category: Feature Film
Production year: 2008
Release date: 28/01/2009
DVD release date: 20/08/2009
VOD rental start date: 16/09/2009
Country: France
Genre(s): Spy
Runtime: 1:39

Director(s): Nicolas Saada
Cast: Guillaume Canet, Géraldine Pailhas, Hippolyte Girardot, Alexander Siddig, Stephen Rea
Scriptwriter(s): Nicolas Saada
Original score: Cliff Martinez

Production company: The Film
French Distributor: Mars Distribution
International sales: Kinology


Two years after his worldwide critical and box office success of Tell No One ($33M US- world, $6,5M US- US), Guillaume Canet returns to the big screen – this time to star in a sensual espionage thriller set in London. Stephen Rhea (V for Vendetta, Breakfast on Pluto, The Crying Game) and Archie Panjabi (A Mighty Heart, The Constant Gardener, Bend it Like Beckham) round out the superb cast in this elegant detective story, where the heart can trample even the most dedicated of spies…

Vincent is a brilliant and reclusive young man who rejects a conventional and stable life to become a bag boy at an airport. He takes things here and there from the suitcases along with his co-worker. But when a diplomat’s bag explodes in his colleague’s face and violently kills him, the game comes to an end. When the French Secret Services gets involved in the case, Vincent is cornered into executing a mission in London under a secret identity: investigating a British businessman, Peter Burton, suspected of illicit trafficking. The key lies in seducing Burton’s beautiful but vulnerable French wife, Claire. But who will fall prey to whom? All spirals down as Vincent must choose between his heart and his freedom.