Category: Feature Film
Production year: 2018
Country: Côte d'Ivoire
Genre(s): Drama
Runtime: 1:45

Director(s): Boris Oué & Marcel Sangne
Cast: Evelyne Ily Juhen, Bruno Henry, Mariam Kaba, Stéphane Aly, Devon Austin Jackson

Production company: Yevedi Production
French Distributor: Orange Studio
International sales: Orange Studio


Yenan, a woman in her thirties, appears in the eyes of society to live a happy marriage alongside her husband, Marc Kassy, quarantine and, he is a prosecutor. They are part of the good society, are beautiful and bright. Yenan leads a cocoa bean export factory with an iron fist. She is the mother of a sixteen year old son, Kevin.
Everything could go for the best, if Yenan was not a victim of her husband’s violent attacks. Marc helped Yenan by financing her training and helping her to take the lead in the cocoa plant.
During their first years of marriage, Marc was a caring husband and a good father for Kevin. He would like to have a second child but Yenan can not get pregnant. Yenan and Marc both have a heavy past. Sexually abused by her father-in-law, Yenan developed a fear for men. Sylvie, her mother, preferred to live in denial and the mother-daughter relationship deteriorated. Sylvie has since taken refuge in religion, unable to tell the truth to her daughter, as much as helping her out of her destructive relationship. Marc, for his part, was abandoned by his mother. He was, then, abused by his faher’s new wife. He cannot get away from spiral violence.
He needs Yenan to stay close to him, but he cannot control his fits. Each of them refuses to see the truth: Yenan refuses to accept that she is a victim. Marc, her husband, is locked in an excessive narcissism. Sylvie avoid confronting the demons of the past, even if she knows it’s necessary to help her daughter.
Kevin, son of Yenan, is tempted by drugs, facing all this unstable family environment. Marc will have to question his own relationship with his past and realizes that violence is a cycle that must be broken. Yenan, assisted by Stéphane Agnero, police inspector and first love of high school. A man who discovers his situation and tries to help her by all means.
The story of Yenan is of many people who are victims of inherited violence. Women trying to get out of it, to find happiness.
It’s The story of a woman who, accepting her fears, finally finds the strength to look at the truth in the face.