Category: Feature Film
Production year: 2016
Country: Congo-Kinshasa
Genre(s): Drama

Director(s): Machérie Ekwa Bahango
Cast: Amour Lombi, Fidéline Kwanla, Serge Kanyinda

Production company: Tosala Films
French Distributor: Orange Studio| DIFFA
International sales: DIFFA | Orange Studio
Video edition: Orange Studio


Maki, once Makila, is 19 years old. She’s been living on the streets since she was 13 when Mbingazor, a gang leader, took her under his wing. He taught her how to survive on the street, and they ended up marrying. Their relationship, based on exploitation and violence, quickly becomes a prison for Maki. But Mbingazor is not easy to get away from… In her struggle to escape, Maki meets Acha, and 11-year-old who’s just arrived on the streets. They become friends and grow close, driving a dangerously jealous Mbingazor to commit an irreparable act of redemption.