Category: Feature Film
Production year: 2013
Release date: 16/10/2013
DVD release date: 18/03/2014
VOD rental start date: 18/03/2014
Country: France
Genre(s): Documentary
Runtime: 1 : 26

Director(s): Marianne Lamour

Production company: Les Poissons Volants
French Distributor: Rezo Films | Orange Studio
Video edition: Orange Studio


The world of art like you’ve never seen it before: a world where money is more important than art itself. A world where billionaires, who have become art collectors, influence creation. Film-maker Marianne Lamour, with Daniele Granet and Catherine Lamour, spent three years to interfere and reveal the rituals, the secrets, and the small arrangements between friends in this private, small circle.