Category: Feature Film
Production year: 2008
Release date: 03/11/2010
DVD release date: 22/03/2011
VOD rental start date: 17/05/2019
Country: Spain
Genre(s): Thriller
Runtime: 1:34

Director(s): Rodrigo Cortés
Cast: Ryan Reynolds
Scriptwriter(s): Chris Sparling
Original score: Victor Reyes

Production company: Versus Entertainment
French Distributor: Rezo
International sales: Kinology
Video edition: Orange Studio


Open your eyes. You’re in a closed space beneath 2500 pounds of Iraqi soil, have 90 minutes of oxygen left to breathe, and your only connection to the outside world is a mysterious cell phone with limited reception and battery life. Such is Paul’s fate, an American contractor in Iraq being held hostage in a box. He barely has time to figure out what’s going on. Each second is a second closer to death…